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Align With Grace Yoga / Claudia Neuman, Certified Parayoga® & Parayoga® Nidra Instructor

Claudia Neuman, MSW, E-RTY 500, YACEP, was born in Los Angeles where as a child she joined her mother at community yoga classes. As a teenager she pursued daily classes through Integral Yoga Society, and also spent time at the Sivanada Yoga Society. Claudia began her serious study at Yoga Works in Santa Monica where she was fortunate to study with and assist some of the most influential teachers of our time while honing her own teaching skills. She was even more fortunate to have Rod Stryker initiate her into the ISHTA Yoga tradition at that time as well.

Claudia received her Masters in Social Work from USC in 1985, where she had also been offering free yoga classes to staff and students on campus. During this time it became clear her love of the Yoga Tradition, and her desire to elevate the human condition would become her calling. She spent many years as a Family Systems Therapist, specializing in addictions while continuing her work as a yoga teacher. Through her years of study and teaching, Claudia has become even more wholeheartedly committed to helping individuals find the source of their internal light through the practice of yoga.

Claudia’s love of the Tantra Tradition has been a cornerstone of her life’s work; she sought out teachers such as Douglas Brooks and Paul Muller-Ortega, and, in 2004, she certified in Anusara Yoga. In 2013 she reconnected with her former teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker, the founder of ParaYoga®, and knew immediately she was home. Claudia became certified in ParaYoga® Nidra in March of 2021, and has now added ParaYoga® Level I Certified Teacher to her already outstanding list of accomplishments.

Today, Claudia’s students describe her classes as ‘mini yoga retreats’ that offer a complete experience of yoga while putting them in touch with their own power and strength. Claudia directs teacher trainings and continues to offer her signature workshops “Enlightened Rest” and “The Origins of Yoga” at many studios in the DC Metro area where she lives. Her articles are featured regularly in the ‘Yoga Today’ section of Pathways Magazine. 

Other ways to connect with Claudia:

FB: Align With Grace Yoga: Claudia Neuman

IG: @alignwith_grace

Claudia has logged over 20,000 hours of teaching yoga.

To view the hours of training she has, please click here.

Claudia offers Transformational Parayoga ® classes, as well as Parayoga ® Nidra sessions.


All of Claudia’s virtual classes are recorded so that you can do them at your convenience. 

Virtual Yoga Classes:
10:30am Level 1 with Meditation Grace.

Virtual Yoga Class:
6:30pm Mixed Level with Meditation

Tantra the Accelerated Path,
with Meditation,

11:00am-12:30pm Level 2, Yoga with Meditation
Willow Street Yoga

Virtual Yoga Classes:
10:30am Level 1 with Meditation Grace.



Virtual Yoga Class:
6:30pm Mixed Level with Meditation




9:45-11:15am, Tantra the Accelerated Path, with Meditation,


11:00am-12:30pm, Level 2, Yoga with Meditation, Willow Street Yoga


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Enlightened Rest and Enlightened Rest 108

This is a specialty class offers a combination of yoga poses, meditation, intention setting and Yoga Nidra (the Yoga of Sleep). Done in accordance with the ancient wisdom of the Upanishads and the Yoga Sutras, the Enlightened Rest specialty classes give the participant a profound experience of repairing the mind and body at the deepest level.  Suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner. This is wonderful for complete beginners as well. Arrive with an open mind, leave on a cloud of sublime restoration!

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Yin Yoga Sessions

Yin Yoga is the art of placing the body in a seated yoga pose and relaxing the muscles. Time in each pose (3-5 minutes), creates a gentle pull on the connective tissues which, when carefully released, gives the surrounding area and joint sight hydration. 

Yin Yoga is beneficial for all body types and requires no strain on the body. 

Claudia’s Yin Yoga classes are used not only for ultimate joint health, but as a pre-cursor to finding one’s way to meditation. 

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200 and 300 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings

Taking your love of yoga to the next level and serving as a teacher is a blessed responsibility and a gift. Even if you aren’t sure you want to teach, embarking on Yoga Teacher Training is a life affirming experience that will deepen your relationship with yourself and your practice. Claudia’s trainings instill a firm foundation in the ancient tradition and history of Yoga, as well as a clear understanding of the art of teaching.

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Origins of Yoga Workshops

Claudia offers an ongoing Origins of Yoga workshop series designed to educate and inspire all interested. These sessions include some practice, lecture and meditation. Workshops include:

  • The Ancient Civilizations: The Shamans, the Rishis and the origins of Tantra· 
  • The Classics: The Vedas, the Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and more
  • The Yugas: The Hindu concept of time and Kali Yuga we live in today
  • The Samkhya Tradition: Looking at the 24 Principles of Creation known as the Tattvas and understanding how they measured consciousness. Understanding how it becomes matter, and looking at the origin of Gunas and Doshas
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Focus Sessions

My Focus sessions offer you a unique type of yoga private. Rather than just getting a teacher to take you through the poses, you now have a teacher who can customize your practice so that you are actively learning ways to balance yourself. Using the tools of Ayurveda, as well as the wisdom of the Subtle Body, we will work on the practice that will transform your life and world view.

Some students use these sessions for specific guidance in meditation, while others choose to have these sessions privately each week. Offered on a sliding scale, these focus sessions are invaluable!

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Yoga Nidra Special Training TBA

My Yoga Nidra Special Training is for those individuals who wish to delve into the entire practice of Yoga Nidra for their personal growth and healing. In addition to practicing a lot, you will learn about the origins of Yoga Nidra, the classic Nidra exercises, sleep and brainwave cycles, the five categories of Para Yoga Nidra and so much more. You will also get the tools you need to start doing your own self guided practice. This is a wonderful journey! Stay Tuned for the dates and location. 

Tantra: The Accelerated Path of Yoga

$17-$20 per single class (sliding scale), or, $50 for a package of 4 classes 

Ongoing, Every Friday, 9:45-11:15am

As yogis, we have the option to practice and purify the mind through asana, pranayama (breath), bandha (locks), and meditation. The Tantric approach to yoga utilizes every technique in masterful, well organized sequences to target specific outcomes and accelerate growth.

We will rely on the progression of yoga set forth by Gheranda in the Gheranda Samhita that moves from lunar to solar to fire practices.

The lunar practices build steadiness at all levels of the body.The solar practices focus on illumination of perception: ‘once the moon is made steady, the sun will rise….The fire practices utilize the internal power for purification of stubborn, subconscious tendencies.

Although the ideas seem esoteric, the practices are accessible to all levels of yogi who wish to become a more efficient vessel for transformation and ascendance. Asanas will done in the contexts mentioned, followed by a short meditation.




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