Claudia Downward Dog  

“Claudia has a way of demystifying the most challenging poses as she guides you every step of the way through memorable sequences and enchanted classes.” -STUDENT FROM LOS ANGELES



I consider the practice of Yoga to be one of the greatest services that any individual can endeavor to do. Coming to Yoga is auspicious. It can take years to get to the mat. Once you do, you are listening to and responding to that highest part of yourself. It takes great courage to do this, and in doing so, you serve everyone around you. Any thing you do that takes courage is a service to mankind. When you break through your limitations, others are uplifted too.

Your level of flexibility and strength is not as important as knowing your intention for practicing Yoga. The poses will come in their time. In fact, you have your whole life to get the pose. Allow the poses to guide you to a deeper relationship with yourself. If you practice in this way, your heart will open. You will become more of who you are, life will get bigger. Your perceptions of life will become more spacious.

My mission as a teacher is to open up and serve this bigger self in all of us. I have faith that we are all capable of becoming more than we think we can become. I am dedicated to taking everyone, including myself to the next level. Some times it can be a wild journey and other times it can be very peaceful, but that’s okay. Personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way

*Private instruction is avilable upon request.



Claudia Standing

Claudia posed

Group reach