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“We’re not doing yoga so that we can stay the same, okay?” -C. NEUMAN



“I’m a yoga teacher and admittedly my husband and I are both ‘picky’ with classes and instructors. Let’s just say we both go out of our way to take a class with Claudia! In fact, taking Claudia’s class together is a great ‘date’—if only she could teach classes around our schedules so we could take with her more often!

Claudia is a graceful, skilled, passionate teacher—truly gifted and amazing.”

–Karen & Jon Dubs
Flexible Warrior

“I was reluctant to try yoga of any kind but a friend suggested I try it with Claudia Neuman. ‘And,’ she said, ‘there's a free class you can try!’ So I went and half way through I thought I’d die! This was tough stuff! But by the end of the session I was hooked. I’ve been coming back to Claudia’s class ever since. I don’t like to miss it, and don’t if I can avoid it.

Claudia has this way of getting you to do things you thought were impossible for your body; she gently challenges you to stretch yourself beyond what you thought were your limits, both physically and mentally. And your spiritual limits are put to the test as well. Isn’t that what yoga is all about?

Claudia keeps reminding us that yoga will change our lives, and she’s right. And I feel so fortunate to have her leading me throgh the changes!”

–Jim Hart
Quantum Yoga student

“I had taken yoga classes for several years before taking a class with Claudia. My first half dozen classes with her were a revelation. In each class I had a major breakthrough—either I was able to do something I had not been able to do before, or something that was difficult became much easier. Her instruction is truly aligned with grace. And we laugh a lot, too!”

Quantum Yoga student

“Claudia is a gifted teacher. She wisely reads the collective energy of our class and gracefully move us to new places of strength and introspection. What is most lovely though is that she does all this while quietly opening the pathways to our hearts. I am so grateful that she has found her way to Baltimore. She is a personal answer to a prayer my body made years ago and now my body moves weekly in gratitude to her wonderful lessons.”

Student from the Maryland Athletic Club

“Claudia Neuman is an Anusara Yoga Teacher of the greatest integrity, compassion and precision. Being her student for the brief year we were both in Maryland was sheer bliss for me. Here is a woman with extension training and experience in the ancient practice of strengthening, healing and nurturing your body, mind and spirit, and being in her class gave me access to the greatest instruction I have received in my 18 years of practice and study. Each session with Claudia was a revelation to me in how to safely and confidently move myself into deeper expressions of the poses, and how to relate to & relax into my heart center. My practice and my students experiences in class are all the more richer, centered and blissful, because of my amazing time spent with Claudia!”

–Sheron McGuire
Student from Quantum Yoga
Amara Resort & Spa Yoga Program Director

“As a veteran student, I feel safe in surrendering to my practice when having Claudia as my teacher. Like I’m going on an adventure or journey, not sure to where, but I know the guide knows, and it will be good for all who surrender. Her background in mental health and years of yoga give her a special window into the healing potential of this science—yoga. With her own internal work and spiritual practice she has taken those years of learning into herself and produced a healing alchemy that is trance inducing while you are in her classes. I am blessed that she is one of my teachers.”

–Kathy Metcalf
Student from Quantum Yoga


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