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“You have your whole life to get the pose. Once you get it, you’ll be on to wanting something else. Enjoy the pose you have right now, enjoy the journey.”


At the age of eight, Claudia attended her first yoga class with her Mother in 1966.

As a native of Santa Monica California, Claudia was in the right place at the right time for the opening of a studio called Yoga Works. Prior to this she studied with the Integral and Sivananda Yoga Societies, as well as her beloved first real teacher, Ragavan, who inspired her to begin teaching.

Claudia continued to teach and train at Yoga Works, completing several teacher training programs there; studying with Rod Stryker, Eric Shifffman, Anna Forrest, and the honorable Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the creator of Ashtanga Yoga, to name a handful.

In 1991, Claudia was faced with loosing the used of her left arm when she encountered a car head on, on a Los Angeles freeway. She sought an alternative to surgery by embarking on a mission to rehabilitate herself through the Pilates method, which was beginning to gain popularity at the time. While interning with Siri Dharma Galliano of Live Art in Los Angeles, she became a Pilates Instructor.

After a teaching assignment in Istanbul, Turkey, where Claudia was among the first to bring Pilates and Yoga to that city, she was lucky to find her real teacher, John Friend, the creator of Anusara Yoga. At the suggestion of fellow yogini, Claudia went to Austin, Texas to take her first class with Mr. Friend at the Southwest Yoga Journal Conference.

Her immediate dedication to Anusara Yoga has resulted in passionately completing many hours of level one and two Teacher Training’s, Therapy Training’s, Intensives and Workshops with John Friend and some of the other top Anusara teachers in the country.

Claudia moved to the east cost in 2004 by invitation to teach at one of the first Anusara Yoga studios in Baltimore, Maryland, Quantum Yoga. Currently she is a full time Anusara Yoga Instructor, teaching in both the Baltimore and D.C. areas. 

In 2011, the Anusara Empire that was built by John Friend came to an end. Claudia's decades of study, practice and dedication led her to closely follow the work of Yoga Rupa, Rod Styker, whom she had studied with so many years before at Yoga Works in California. In truth, all of the training she had done with Yoga Rupa in the 80's had never left her. To re-connect with sure a beloved teacher and cherished experience has been, as of late, extremely rewarding. 

As part of her transformation, she also began to do Yin Yoga after her first major hip surgery in 2008. Without knowing what it was, she was able to re-gain almost all of the range of motion and strength she once had through the longer held poses. She had a spontaneous insight that led her to identify the intrinsic nature of deep stillness within us all. Later she found Machelle Lee, a Yin Yoga Master Teacher, with whom she has been closely allied ever since.

Although Claudia has no plans to take any additional certifications, she has always been, and will continue to be, a dedicated student and practitioner of Yoga. Claudia has also taken her love and commitment into further study of the historic beginnings of yoga. Her 'Origins of Yoga' workshops are three hour explorations that cover many essentials of the yoga world. From the ancient texts, to the Hindu concept of time and the ever mysterious age of Kali Yuga, these education experiences have been supreme for all involved. 

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